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Project Location: Nakasongola, Uganda

These high school students are very lucky to have progressed past primary school testing to senior school. In 2014, there are 666 young men and women here and their school’s board is passionate about all of them succeeding. They spent close to $1000 each year to fill the rain tanks with water from a truck so girls can wash, cook and everyone can stay clean. This money is taken from school development funds that could be used for teachers or other items. When funds were not available to purchase water, students walked 6km roundtrip to a dam shared with cattle or 10km to a lake to pay someone money to get ‘cleaner’ water. Along the way, girls faced issues of becoming early mothers or students get very sick from the water.

They now have 82,000 liters of rainwater harvesting feeding by solar and gravity to three tap stands and ceramic water filters for their classrooms. Latrines, they’re in good shape thanks to dedicated board members and students and they have night security to help protect the project! Senior school is a big step towards getting out of the poverty and now they can take full advantage of being in school!

A special thanks to: H20 for Life, OFYCares and Kinetico




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