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Project Location: Mpigi, Uganda

Project Completed: January 2017

People Served: 454

The Problem

No water was available at this school on a hill and the walk is hilly and long even through forests 2.4 miles roundtrip. Although beautiful, carrying the water was almost not possible with the hills and distance. Girls faced people hiding in the bush to take advantage of them or animal attacks in the forest. The water tank at the school has been cared for well, but runs out in two weeks even with active conservation. Water is rarely ‘wasted’ on hand-washing and typhoid runs rampant leading to many absences.

The Solution

Deep-borehole, hand-washing station, and water committee formation.

Special thanks to: H2O for Schools and Moen

“I’m worried about early motherhood with our girls walking for water, we need to protect them” Nakatudde Damalie, Founder 2014

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