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Project Location: Mbale

Project Completed: February 2018

People Served: 1,287

Project Funding Needed: $7,400

The Problem

At Masaba Primary School, students crossed a busy road to fetch contaminated water from a crowded spring. DLDT invested in a hydrological survey and found a positive place for a borehole on the school grounds. Normally, DLDT sees in primary school populations at 400-600 students- this population is over double that and the pressure for water was high.To band aid the clean water problem, DLDT shared the cost of three water filters in July 2017 so the school can at least filter some drinking water as they wait for their project. More filters were included in the final project along with hand-washing stations and latrines will open in February 2018.
Thanks to Options for Families and Youth in Cleveland, Ohio and Kinetico!

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