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Project Location: Mpigi, Uganda

People Served: 430 students, 10 staff

Project Funding Needed: $18,000

The Problem

Drink Local drink Tap has been a partner with Mitalamaria for many years. The conditions of their sanitation are dire and truly unsafe and undignified. They have been on a waitlist two latrine blocks (boys and girls) and a girls bathing area for 3 years.
The conditions in which they bathe and use restroom facilities is horrible. A normal sized person cannot even fit inside the collapsing stall to bath or urinate, so many kids end up going outside. The staff care for the students many of whom are boarders (they live at school during the school year). Their compound/land is small but if we are able to demolish old ‘facilities’ while they are on a holiday break, we can ensure the school doesn’t miss a day without any place to ‘go’.
They have taken very good care of the water harvesting system Drink Local Drink Tap installed a few years ago and are a perfect candidate for new, urgent latrines and a bathing area.

The Solution

Two- latrine blocks with bathing rooms and hand washing facilities are needed.

To sponsor this project directly please contact Erin Huber.