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Project Location: Nakasongola, Uganda

Over 600 students used 2 hours of the end of their school day (missed classes) to fetch water at a dam shared with cattle and villagers. The dam does not provide safe drinking water; students are told to bring a small container of water from home but few do so and no water is available for hand-washing. In addition, during very dry season, students walk 7km (4.5 miles) ONE WAY to pay someone to collect water from an inland lake where it is supposedly cleaner in local beliefs. The school tried to save money to make better latrines, but their money was used by someone unqualified and therefore was lost.

So, we got to work, designed a water committee, listened to the community, surveyed and built a deep borehole project in January 2017 along with a hand-washing station, large classroom ceramic water filter stations and water, hygiene and sanitation training.  A special thanks to H20 for Life, Kinetico, Moen and Rising Star Coffee Roasters for their support!

NOW: The latrines are collapsing and unsafe; can you help build a water source, install biosand filters and build safe latrines with us this year? Everyone deserves an education and healthy life with dignity.

“You never find someone just showing up to care about you; this is the happiest day.” head teacher during initial DLDT site visit in January 2015.

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