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Project Location: Namonyonyi Sub-County. Mbale, Uganda

Project Completed: December 2016

People Served: 1,751 people (1,127 students at Namonyonyi Primary School and 624 community members)

The Problem

Nkoma Centre B is a highly populated village. Clean water was hard to come by and this spring was being contaminated because of the way it had been built. People had no other place to go, so gathering water from here was a must and was making people sick. Nkoma B now takes true ownership of this ‘new’ sustainable water source and has an active water committee that works to properly protect it.

The spring was contaminated from cows and was not draining excess water properly.  Water would rise and flow back into the pipe. There were deaths from cholera and typhoid.

The Solution

Spring rehabilitation and protection.

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