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Project Location: Jinja

Project Completed: August 2017

People Served: 30

The Problem

SALVE International is a home in Jinja where children living on the streets can come to heal from drug additions, live, learn, develop and be safe from the dangers of the streets. After purchasing their land a few years ago, SALVE realized they could not drill a borehole and had a major and expensive water problem.

The Solution

With the help of DLDT, a unique 63,000 underground rainwater-harvesting tank will now serve this compound well. Instead of completing piped water from the tank, it was decided that physically pumping water form the tank would help the children ‘sweat out’ their drug additions and energy. DLDT designed a unique borehole-like hand pumping system- the first of it’s kind! Along the way, DLDT also fixed all existing rainwater harvesting on-site and they have a total of 88,000 liters of water to use!

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