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Project Location: Mpigi District, Uganda

People Served: 600

The Problem

Students at Sango Primary School used to walk hours for swamp water in the middle of a forest. Skin rashes, worms, and sickness plagued this school. DLDT planned a deep borehole project, but during drilling in two locations, the project had to be abandoned due to poor ground structure. Plan B was to create large scale rainwater harvesting. Two 15,000 tanks and one 10,000 liter tanks were installed along with portable hand washing stations and bio-sand filters. 

The Solution

40,000 liters of rainwater harvesting July 2015, two hand washing stations and two bio-sand filters for safe drinking water along with water committee and WASH training

“Grey swamp water ‘serves’ our children” says teacher Namuli during DLDT’s 2014 site visit.

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