Project Location: Nakasongola District, Uganda

People Served: 615 (including community members)

The Problem

There are 519 students and 9 teachers at St. Kizito Kyabutayika Primary School in the very dry district of Nakasongola. Students heard cattle and walk to find them water during dry season. Almost 80% of the students here had bilharzia (parasitic worms) from the dirty swamp water they were drinking at school. The first swamp about 800 meters from school is dry most of the time and kids were traveling to a large open swamp shared with cattle and villagers to collect dirty water. Students faced serious issues such as: drowning, disease, violence, temptations and accidents.

The Solution

Deep-borehole, hand-washing station, and water committee formation.  Thanks to all of our donors who made this project possible for 538 students and some additional community members!

Special thanks to: Kinetico and Moen

When we first met head teacher, Waswa, he said, “Drops of water from the swamp leave kids to face hunger and sickness”.

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