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Project Location: Nakasongola District, Uganda

Project Completed: January 2015

People Served: 400

The Problem

Teachers have to rent space quarters and had no sustainable water source for their daily living. In this very dry area, students had no water for hand washing, drinking or bathing (bathing happens when ‘accidents’ occur due to sickness like diarrhea). The little water that was carried in the mornings, during the first part of school, was used to cook a small amount of porridge for children. In 2012, only 30 children could afford to eat at school. To collect water, classes took turns each day to walk 2 miles to collect swamp water. Children died from drowning, motorcycle accidents (from the busy road), and had been attacked by snakes and people. There was only one hand-washing tub at school which got filled as often as possible from collected water.

The Solution

Deep borehole, hand-washing station, and classroom bio-sand filters

Before this project was built, the head teacher cried that “Young children miss critical school sessions gathering water”. She begged for help.

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