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Project Location: Iylowa, Tororo, Uganda

Project Completed: November 2017

People Served: 750 (700 Community members, 50 children at home)

Project Funding Needed: Fellowship Baptist Church and John Huff, Arkansas, USA

The Problem

Over 50 orphans and children in need are housed on this site along with Mama Okothwho started the home. Her son, a pastor, moved to the home in recent years to help develop and run the school/orphanage and realized water and sanitation was a problem. The nearby crowded borehole would never allow children to get water in front of 4 villages fighting for the same source. Rainwater was attempted at the school, but was not enough and was dirty when available (proved by a DLDT water quality test).

These children have been taken in by mama Okoth who has a big heart for the little ones. Latrines were filling up and these kids would have no place to go. With a new water source especially, and kids living on site, they have to have a safe place to go.

The Solution

In July 2017, DLDT completed their 52 meter deep borehole which has the potential to pump more than 3000 liters per hour-more than physically possible! This borehole is still a shock to this children’s home and community. There is more work to be done and DLDT looks forward to digging deeper with these wonderful people!

John Huff called us to design, implement and monitor this project. We designed a high quality deep borehole, developed a water committee, built a hand washing station, and provide ongoing WASH training. DLDT will monitor this project indefinitely.

Special thanks to: Fellowship Baptist Church and John Huff, Arkansas, USA

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