Project Location: Iylowa, Tororo, Uganda

Project Completed: November 2017

People Served: People served with sanitation: 65

The Problem

These children have been taken in by mama Okoth who has a big heart for the little ones. Latrines were filling up and these kids would have no place to go. With a new water source especially, and kids living on site, they have to have a safe place to go.

The Solution

John Huff called us to design, implement and monitor this project. We designed a high quality drainable latrine with ‘safe’ spaces and a new design for kids. There is extra protection with double doors to allow privacy and locking of these overnight to prevent misuse by outsiders.
Special thanks to: Animal Medical Center of Jonesboro

We innovated during the construction of these latrines – read our blog post ‘No One Should Be Scared to Poop’ to learn more!

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