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Project Location: Mbale

People Served: 1,256

Project Funding Needed: $66,763 (please see Namatala Primary School for full JOINT PROJECT listing)

The Problem

At Yoweri Museveni Primary School, 1256 students and staff lack access to safe water. Over the years, they have installed various rainwater tanks, none of which are properly functioning. With this high of a population, it makes water scarcity even more obvious. If students don’t bring their own water, they have unclean water or none at all.

The Solution

Unable to drill a borehole here in this municipal water area, massive rainwater harvesting in above ground tanks is the most cost-effective solution. Harvesting will be done via a 200,000 liter tank fed by neighboring Namatala Primary School roofs and this will be a JOINT project between schools since they share the same campus.

To sponsor this project directly please contact Erin Huber.