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Get Started: The following five lessons in this unit can be taught as a complete set or individually.

Unit 2 Overview and Standards

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Lesson 1: Clean Water is a Human Right

Students learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically SDG 6, which focuses on clean water and sanitation access for all.

Lesson 2: Intro to WASH - Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

Students develop an understanding of sanitation in different parts of the world by discussing how water, sanitation and hygiene work together to support good health.

Lesson 3: We Have a Clean Water Problem

Students discuss water protection and access issues faced in the United States. They research and present findings related to community water systems, water equity issues and possible solutions.

Lesson 4: How Do Water Filters Work?

Students discuss clean water access inequalities in the world, the importance of water filtration, and design their own filters.

Lesson 5: Tap vs. Bottled Water

Students learn about bottled water and its problematic impact through research and documentaries. They take a stand on issues related to bottled water and discuss the importance of individual choices.