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Get Started: The following five lessons in this unit can be taught as a complete set or individually.

Overview and Standards

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The Problem with Greenhouse Gases

Students understand greenhouse gases, how they impact the climate, and humans’ contribution to the advancement and impact of climate change. They do this by watching brief videos, developing a model and making a commitment to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Dirty

Students learn about climate change through a brief documentary that focuses on impacts in Tanzania, create a mind map of climate change implications in different parts of the world, and consider positive local actions that can have global results.

Climate Change Where We Live

Students research and discuss how climate change and related water issues impact their own and other communities, and understand how adaptation and mitigation strategies can reduce this impact.

It’s Intersectional

Students learn about the equity and justice issues connected to climate change and water, research-related issues and plan for a transformed future.

Water Security + Climate Change Wavemakers

Students investigate how to make positive change in the world through brainstorming, examples, and reflecting on their own strengths. They use climate change and water security issues as a base to design a real-world project that they present to their classmates.