Invite Us To Your Classroom!

Drink Local Drink Tap’s Wavemaker Program is a unique opportunity for you and your students to engage both locally and globally in protecting our shared water. Through our programming, students learn about the global water crisis and our work in Uganda, what it takes to become a Wavemaker and become empowered to be leaders themselves.

For the 2020-2021 school year DLDT is offering our Wavemaker Programming to educators for free!

Wavemaker Program Opportunities:

One Time Wavemaker Introduction Presentation

    • An introduction of water as basic human right, DLDT’s work and how to commit to change and become a Wavemaker.

Three Time Presentation Series and World Water Day Participation

    • First Session – an introduction to DLDT and becoming a Wavemaker
    • Second Session – a deeper dive into local water issues and how to get engaged
    • Third Session – the global water crisis and World Water Day preparation

World Water Day Participation 

    • Take part in our annual World Water Day celebration on March 22. There are many ways to participate.

Wavemaker Beach Cleanups

    • Get engaged! Partake in a service learning opportunity at Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, OH.

Contact our Wavemaker Program Coordinator with questions or to schedule. 

Additional Tools for Educators:

Letters to Educators:   4-8 Grades or 9-12 Grades

Wavemaker Curriculum

Educator Resource Center

Wavemaker Action Kits – Coming in 2021

What Else Can I do?

Volunteer – see all the ways to volunteer with Drink Local Drink Tap

Fundraise – check out our current projects awaiting funding

Spread the Word – have us out to speak to your business, community or group.