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Classroom Learning Opportunities

Drink Local Drink Tap’s Wavemaker Program is a unique opportunity for you and your learners to engage both locally and globally in protecting clean water. Through our programming, your learners will be challenged with standard connected content that covers topics like the global water crisis and our work in Uganda. 


Classroom Learning Opportunities: The Wavemaker Program has a menu of six options that allow you to customize your experience to fit the needs of your classroom. To maximize the classroom experience, sessions 1 and 5 are recommended to ensure your classroom receives meaningful information.

Urban Community School, 2022

Campus International, 2022

St. John St. Joseph School, 2022

RECOMMENDED Session 1 – Learn about Drink Local Drink Tap’s local and global water mission.



Session 2 – Unit 1 Lesson 3: “Do you know the 7 R’s?”




Session 3 – Unit 1 Lesson 5: “Microplastics: Tiny Trouble”



Session 4 – Unit 2 Lesson 2: “Intro to WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)”



RECOMMENDED Session 5 – Unit 3 Lesson 5: “Water Security + Climate Change Wavemaker”


Session 6 – Let’s Make a Global Connection!